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Made In Oklahoma

My name is Annie Barnes and I was born and raised in Oklahoma City.  I have loved working with numbers since I was a child and still do today.  I enjoy helping people understand the financial aspects of their personal lives and their businesses.  I am passionate about enabling my clients with the knowledge needed to help them succeed.

My Experience

I got my BSBA in Accounting from the University of West Florida and my CPA license from the state of Oklahoma in 2007.  As a member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, I keep up to date on statue changes, impacts of tax reform and other accounting changes through my continuing education.
I have been blessed in my career to have amazing mentors.  My network of peers has made a huge impact on me professionally.  With the opportunity to work with restaurants, franchises, retail, wholesale, non-profit and most recently manufacturing, I have the experience to help several different types of businesses.  My career began as staff accountant, working in the details.  But over the last ten years I have been able to work with some of the most successful Oklahoma business leaders learning each step of the way.  I have worked with the general ledger and general ledger setup, created budgets, worked with public accounting firms for audits, performed physical inventory audits, performed process walk through audits, created financial models, worked the state and federal regulatory agencies and much more.

My Life

I have one son attending the University of Central Oklahoma and one daughter in school in Edmond.  We enjoy all sorts of adventures from the mountains to the beaches to just a day spent on a lake in Oklahoma. 
I am from Oklahoma, I love Oklahoma and I am invested in Oklahoma.  I want to help other business succeed in Oklahoma.  This is the future for our children and they deserve the best we can offer.  I would love to help you and your business succeed!

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Born and Raised in Oklahoma
Born and Raised in Oklahoma

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